Dropping Singapore F1 race may not have significant impact on tourism: Experts

25 Nov 2016

Channel News Asia, 24 Nov 2016 - Industry experts opined that while negotiations are still ongoing about the post-2017 fate of the Formula One Singapore Grand Prix, if the race no longer continues the impact on the tourism industry is unlikely to be significant. SP’s Diploma in Tourism and Resort Management lecturer, Ms Lorraine Gan, opined that with its a vibrant culture and heritage mix, Singapore will be able to garner the interest of tourists without F1 being in the event mix. Ms Shirley Tee, course manager at NYP’s Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management, opined that while Singapore earns in tourist dollars from skyrocketing room occupancy rates over the F1 period, the short event period means it doesn’t form the bulk of tourism revenue.


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