Masters of memory

18 Sep 2017

The Straits Times – Life, 17 Sept 2017 - Article featured SP’s Diploma in Engineering with Business graduate Wellon Chou, who is also the president of the Singapore Memory Sports Association. He co-founded Memory Ark in 2014, a school that teaches special memory techniques for people of all ages. To spread awareness of the memory sport, the Singapore Memory Sports Association is co-organising the Singapore Open Memory Championships 2017 with SP and SP Graduates' Guild. It will take place on Sept 30 and Oct 1 at the polytechnic and 80 participants from 11 countries have registered. Eleven students from SP, including Diploma in Engineering with Business student Ng Cheng Yu, will be taking part. Cheng Yu took a course at Memory Ark last month and is already aiming to break the Singapore record for the number of words memorised in five minutes, which was achieved by Mr Gerald Lim at an SP memory competition in 2013.

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