Memory club as a CCA for Singapore Poly?

02 Oct 2017

The Straits Times, 2 Oct 2017 - Article highlighted the rising awareness of memory sports, where competitors memorise things such as sequences of numbers, words and binary numbers within a time limit. In light of this, a group of SP students is looking to set up a memory club co-curricular activity (CCA). Fourteen of them have been practising memory techniques for the past three months and, as a result, are able to train their peers. Eleven of them competed at the Singapore Open Memory Championship over the weekend. Among them is second-year student Hong Yu Chao, 19, who was inspired by the Chinese reality programme The Brain. First-year student Tanaaz Ketan Mistry has a more academic reason for wanting to train her memory. Another 40 students from SP, who learnt memory techniques but did not compete, volunteered at the Singapore Open Memory Championship which drew more than 80 competitors from 11 countries. A SP spokesman, who is one of the co-organisers of the event, said the competition was a good national platform for students to hone their memory skills and techniques. Both the idea of the memory club and SP's involvement in the event were encouraged by SP alumni Wellon Chou and Gerald Lim. They are the president and vice-president of the Singapore Memory Sports Association respectively. An informal interest group has already been formed in July under the mentorship of Mr Roger Chiun, who is a senior lecturer at SP's School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. The students also have plans to conduct memory training for senior citizens as a form of community service.


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