More corporations are collaborating with institutions on food science R&D projects

18 Jul 2016

Lianhe Zaobao, 18 Jul 2016 - SP’s Chemical and Life Sciences Deputy Director Ngan-Loong Mann Na shared that the poly’s Food Innovation & Resource Centre (FIRC) has worked with more than 500 companies on more than 850 projects since its establishment in 2007. Mann Na, who is also the Centre Director of FIRC shared that students have also worked with local SMEs to develop many food products. One example is the recent food project with Suki Group to investigate the effects of fast and slow freezing on the texture and juiciness of their food products. SP’s Diploma in Food Science and Technology third-year student Rui Jie Ng Kok Weng, shared his experience working on the Suki Group project and opined on how the collaboration between corporations and institutions benefit everyone. NUS’s Food Science and Technology Programme Director Dr Zhou Weibiao shared about the food research and development projects between corporations and the university. NYP’s Chemical and Life Sciences Assistant Course Manager Dr Yan Xin Hui also shared that many start-up companies have approached the polytechnic to develop new food products and more than 60% of the projects involve developing healthier or nutritional food products.  


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