Moulding the next generation, one kid at a time

19 Dec 2016, 17 Dec 2016 - Article highlighted the early childhood sector, which is rapidly growing because of the government’s efforts to increase the number of childcare places to meet the needs of parents. While it is essential for new entrants to acquire teaching experience on the job, there are increasingly more opportunities to move on to non-teaching roles, including in curriculum development and overseeing local and overseas operations. In October, a manpower plan was unveiled by the Government in its bid to attract more people to join the sector. The aim is to increase the pool from the current 16,000 to 20,000 by 2020. Under the blueprint, a new skills framework spells out specific skills and competencies required for the various job roles under the educarer, teacher and leadership tracks. Since 2013, about 40,000 childcare places have been added so far. The sector is open to both first-time jobseekers and mid-career switchers, with training provided on the job. Article mentioned that there are several Professional Conversion Programmes for mid-career switchers conducted by SP, the Seed Institute and the KLC International Institute.

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