My parents, my role models

22 Mar 2016

tabla!, 18 Mar 2016 - Article featured SP’s Diploma in Banking and Finance (DBKF) graduate, Mohamed Abbas, who was recently listed in this year’s Forbes 30 under 30 in the finance and venture capital category. In March last year, Mr Mohamed worked with a friend to launch Onelyst, a website that lets consumers apply for loans and compare loan offers from licensed moneylenders. His start-up currently works with 42 licensed moneylenders in Singapore and it earns its revenue by charging them a monthly subscription. Onelyst also has a social responsibility component, and will refer loan applicants with many debts to counsellors. Mr Mohamed started the company while he was doing his degree in business with a major in banking and finance at National Technological University. He has plans to replicate the Onelyst model in Malaysia and Hong Kong, and also intends to start another platform on the website for business loans in the middle of this year.

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