National Schools Xinyao Singing and Song Writing Competition Special Feature

24 Jun 2016

Lianhe Zaobao, zbNow, 24 Jun 2016 - Article featured NP student Huang Ling Yi and SP students Lin Wei Xiang and She Hui Ling, as some of the finalists from the respective solo and group category at the National Schools Xinyao Singing and Song Writing Competition. Ling Yi shared his experience in singing competitions and mentioned how his work experience helped to enhance his singing skills. Wei Xiang and Hui Ling are members of the SP Chinese Music & Cultural Club. Hui Ling has never performed outside of campus while Wei Xiang, who wants to be a musician in future, has his own YouTube Channel where he uploads cover songs. Article also mentioned that the finals of the competition will be held at the SP Convention Centre.

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