Nine more firms offer career support for national athletes

20 Feb 2017

The Business Times, 18 Feb 2017 - Article mentioned that nine more companies, including the likes of OCBC Bank, Pan Pacific Hotels Group, SMRT Corporation and Raffles Medical, have joined the government’s Sports Excellence Business Network (spexBusiness). This scheme was first launched by the Singapore Sports Institute in 2013 to encourage firms to employ national athletes and help them with career development. Nearly 500 Team Singapore athletes have directly benefited in some way, and 92 of them have gone on to find jobs in partner companies. Three institutes of higher learning - SP, NP and SIM Global Education - are the newest entrants to the Sports Excellence Education (spexEducation) scheme. This programme, which now has ten partners, is an education support system designed to help athletes pursue high performance sports without compromising their academic aspirations. Similar stories were reported in Today and The Straits Times. In another similar story reported by The New Paper, Silat exponent and third-year NYP precision engineering student Sheik Farhan opined on the benefits of these new initiatives.

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