Play for work

07 Oct 2016

Teenage Magazine, Oct 2016 Issue An advertorial featured SP’s Diploma in Games Design and Development (DGDD) final-year student, Gavin Lim. Gavin, who has been playing video games since Primary Four, shared that it wasn’t until Secondary Two that he discovered the DGDD course and decided to actively pursue gaming as a future career path. In SP, Gavin’s passion for game design flourished – he had the opportunity to travel to China, where he worked together with students from the Chinese Academy of the Arts to develop a game in just four days. He also scored an internship at Ubisoft Singapore, a giant in the games industry. He further shared that the lecturers in SP helped to push him past his limits and that DGDD equips him with all the skills he needs to pursue a career in the gaming industry.

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