Pursuing her love for Engineering

03 May 2016

Berita Harian, 3 May 2016 - Article featured SP’s Diploma in Engineering Systems (DES) gold medallist Nurfarzana Saini. She shared how her love for maths and science made her to apply for the new DES course three years ago. She also mentioned that the unique mix of mechanical engineering, electronic engineering and social sciences modules in the DES course were a huge draw to her. Nurfarzana also shared how her internship with the Land Transport Authority gave her the opportunity to deepen the skills that she picked up in her course. During her internship, she had to pick up a new programming language and also got the chance to help test the new Downtown Line. Nurfarzana will be furthering her studies in Mechanical Engineering at the National University of Singapore after graduating with a GPA of 3.96.


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