SP Students back with a musical

08 Nov 2016

Berita Harian, 8 Nov 2016 - Article featured the SP Malay Language Society’s ‘Mai Oh Mai’ musical that is part of the month-long SP Art Fiesta 2016. The performance is about the story of Mai and her family who have been westernized and out of touch with their Malay roots. Mai then meets two characters who helps her in the journey to rediscover her Malay roots. The musical includes a variety of performances including Silat and Dikir Barat to showcase the various aspects of Malay culture and heritage. Diploma in Civil Engineering with Business student Nurliwani Ardini Ghazali, who is also the stage manager shared that it was challenging for her to take on that role for the first time. MLS club advisor, Ms Sujati Idris also shared that the story was originally part of a first year Diploma in Creative Writing for TV and New Media student’s project and MLS adapted it to a theatre production. Article also noted that this was the club’s first performance in seven years.



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