Shining light on mental disorders via theatre

14 Mar 2016

The Straits Times, 14 Mar 2016 - SP’s Diploma in Applied Drama and Psychology (DADP) student, Mr Vishnucharan Naidu, was featured for addressing mental disorders via an interactive play, titled in(VISIBLE). As part of their final-year project, his group scripted three scenes that depict the daily life and struggles that young people with conditions such as depression, anxiety and psychosis go through. The audience could then choose to intervene in the scenarios the second time, replacing a character in the scene to come up with alternative actions that could improve the situation. The play was first presented at SP last year before it was re-staged at *Scape last month, with a total of 250 people attending two runs of the show. Mr Vishnu, who hopes to pursue further studies in theatre after graduation, is in discussion to stage the play at other places, such as schools, universities and social service organisations.

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