Showing the kampung spirit in his project

14 Mar 2017

Berita Harian, 14 Mar 2017 - Article featured SP’s Diploma in Landscape Architecture (DLA) student, Mohamad Arif Mohamad Azmi, whose final-year project was on display at the School of Architecture and the Built Environment’s recent graduation showcase. Drawing inspiration from The Green Corridor and feedback from residents in the area, Arif’s project focused on sustainability and the 'kampung spirit', introducing greenery to the area and public spaces to foster community bonding. He shared that youths living in the area understand the cultural importance of the Tanjong Pagar Railway Station, and hope that this natural habitat remains in its original form. With this in mind, Arif included cycling paths and a rainwater collection system in his design concept. He also shared that he is keen to join the public sector where he can use his skills to benefit people.

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