Singapore Polytechnic survey: Singapore youth aspire to financial stability, strong family relationships and work-life balance

15 Jan 2014

Singapore, 15 January 2014 – Singapore Polytechnic (SP) today released the findings of its Mass Media Research 2013 survey, which indicate that the top three aspirations of youth in Singapore are attain financial stability, strong family relationships and work-life balance.

Organised by over 100 students from SP’s Diploma in Media and Communication (DMC), the Mass Media Research survey is an annual exercise that serves as a platform for DMC students to better understand current social issues and media trends. Past survey topics have included cyber-bullying, social media and citizen journalism.

Last year, the students embarked on a survey to ascertain the aspirations and concerns of youth in Singapore, and the role of media in shaping their aspirations. Some 825 participants, aged between 15 and 35 years old, took part in the quantitative survey that was held over a three-week period in June across the island.

Key Findings

Nearly 100% of youth surveyed expressed Financial Stability, Strong Family Relationships and Work-Life Balance as the top three aspirations. They also believe that determination, passion and self-discipline are the most important qualities that can help to realise their dreams.

Contrary to popular belief that youth today are mainly concerned with material wealth, the top three concerns of those surveyed were happiness, peace of mind and friendship. They also hope to see Singapore - in five years’ time - as an affordable place to live in, a society that defines success beyond academic and material achievements and a society that places emphasis on work-life balance.

The survey also revealed two distinct groups. One firmly rooted in Singapore and the other keen to pursue their dreams overseas. A total of 61.5 per cent of those surveyed have considered looking beyond Singapore, or have actually done so to achieve their aspirations. This group tends to be more individualistic and have a greater desire for freedom to make choices, as compared to youth who see their aspirations in Singapore. According to other studies, they have considered going overseas for more exposure and to learn and gain more experience for personal growth and career advancement. The Mass Media Research survey showed that for those who are rooted in Singapore, they have a greater aspiration to get married and start a family.

Reflecting on the findings, Miss Sophia Tan, a second year student from DMC, said: “This survey was a real learning experience that has revealed a lot about the hearts and minds of Singapore youth. It makes sense really. Young people today do not see themselves bound by geography. The world is a global village and we have opportunities out there for education, leisure and work.”

Fellow student, Miss Fiona Lai, added: “Overseas exposure is part and parcel of school for us, so it’s no surprise that many of our peers see opportunities all over the world. I’m looking forward to representing Singapore and Singapore Polytechnic in an ASEAN-Korea programme, and my course-mates will also get a chance to travel when they embark on a study trip to Australia later this year.”

The difference between the two groups could be in their points of view. Those who locate their aspirations here tend to be more family oriented and prefer traditional media over social media and the internet. Those whose aspirations lay overseas tend to value the freedom to make their own decisions and to pursue a passion not directly related to their job or studies. This group also spent more time on social media, as well as substantially more time online.



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