Tackling real-life problems

30 Dec 2016

Channel News Asia, 29 Dec 2016 - News clip featured two projects developed by Singapore Polytechnic students as part of the annual SP Engineering Show. The first project is a Smart Bike Alarm developed by students from the Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (DEEE). The alarm is meant to replace heavy bike chains and locks and allows users to leave their bikes unattended for a short period. An SMS alert will be sent to the owner if someone tries to steal the bike. A mobile app developed by the DEEE students also allows the user to locate his bike if it is moved from the original location. The bike alarm has been commercialised by Adsec Singapore and will hit the shelves within a year. The clip also featured an Urban Farming Kit developed by students from SP’s School of Mechanical & Aeronautical Engineering (MAE). The kit aims to increase crop yield by more than four times in a limited amount of space at the Kampung Senang Day Care Centre. After applying Design Thinking skills and empathy studies, the team developed a customised farming solution that allows the elderly to do their gardening comfortably instead of bending down. MAE’s Senior Lecturer Chia Kiak Biow opined on how industry-linked projects are useful to SP students in deepening their skills and nurturing their passion for engineering. The clip also mentioned that there is a 10% increase in industry-linked projects displayed at the SP Engineering Show since 2014. SP’s segment starts from 29:52. Similar story was reported on Suria.

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