An immersive experience of the future of manufacturing

21 Oct 2019

Visitors to this year’s Industrial Transformation Asia Pacific (ITAP) can pick a guided tour that will take them on an Industry 4.0 journey. Eight off-site technical tours are set to take place simultaneously with events at the Singapore Expo, bringing visitors around locations that best represent Industry 4.0, giving them an idea of what advanced manufacturing is about. One such tour includes a visit to SP where participants can get a look into an Industry 4.0 miniature factory, smart connected solutions lab and an advanced manufacturing centre. At the ITAP event, SP will also be exhibiting an autonomous mobile robot, with features such as pick and place with vision, enabled by a robotic operating system. It aims to spotlight flexible robot systems with mobile manipulation and effective mapping and navigation technology. Another tour includes a visit to NP’s Environment and Water Technology Centre of Innovation.

[The Business Times]

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