askST: How many uni places are there for Singaporeans? Is there a quota for poly grads?

28 Feb 2023

Article mentioned that about one in three polytechnic graduates matriculate at universities here, up from around one in four in 2015. There is no quota on the number of places given to polytechnic graduates. With the expansion of university places in recent years, more than 30 per cent polytechnic graduates now make it to the local universities. Another change that has benefited polytechnic graduates is the move to aptitude-based admissions, where the universities look beyond grades and at the aptitude and talent of the applicants. The National University of Singapore, which has also started a special scheme to draw polytechnic graduates who have an interest in entrepreneurship, asks the five polytechnics to nominate students who display a strong entrepreneurial inclination during their diploma studies.

[The Straits Times]