Backpacking with a single trip ticket

02 Sep 2020

Article featured 25-year-old SP Diploma in Business Innovation & Design alumnus, Lin Junhao. After completing his national service, Junhao decided to become a travel influencer. He created two social media accounts to document his backpacking trips around the world. Today, he has a few million followers who loyally watches his content. Junhao also shared about the ups and downs of his many travel experiences. Currently, he works as a marketing freelancer for international brands, that wants to market their products on social media. The money Junhao makes is used to fund his trips. At the same time, Junhao is also managing an e-commerce business linked to one of his social media accounts, “payformycoffee”, where he sells merchandise such as T-shirts, caps and clothing accessories. (Lianhe Zaobao, p2)


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