Chen Zhicai and Xiang Yun loves their daughter and encourages her to work hard

22 Jun 2020

Article featured 20-year-old SP Diploma in Applied Drama with Psychology (DADP) graduate, Chen Yixin. She mentioned that her interest for performing came from learning different performance arts over the years, including Chinese dance, contemporary dance and ballet. Yixin is currently waiting to enrol in university and even though she has not officially joined the media industry, Yixin has already been getting a lot of casting opportunities. One of them is the high rated film, “Precious is the Night” directed by Taiwanese director, Peng Wenchun. To prepare for the shoot, Yixin practised her Mandarin with her mother. Yixin shared that such opportunities are hard to come by and she strives to work hard in order not to disappoint the people who believe in her. (Shin Min Daily News, p10)

chen yixin

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