CHI establishes the Environmental Sustainability Academy to reduce the risk of illnesses caused by climate change

04 Jul 2024

Minister for Sustainability and the Environment Ms Grace Fu officiated the opening ceremony of the CHI Environmental Sustainability Academy at the annual CHI INNOVATE Thought Leadership Forum on 4 July. She noted that recent years have seen particularly severe climate changes, with unusual global warming phenomena occurring in every country and every season. Minister Fu said, "The way we consume public resources and manage waste affects climate change, but at the same time, we are also victims of climate change. Therefore, we must take action to mitigate the impact of global warming. For example, hospitals are exploring ways to reduce energy consumption in operating rooms; the ophthalmology department is collaborating with SP and local social enterprise Semula to recycle waste generated from cataract surgeries into plastic products."

[Lianhe Zaobao]

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