City of Opportunities: Go Big or Go Home

10 Aug 2018

Special documentary to commemorate National Day featured the dreams, passion and achievements of ordinary Singaporeans. In this episode, SP’s Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering student Goh Qian Zhe, Diploma in Electrical & Electronic Engineering student Julian Kang and Diploma in Computer Engineering student Pan Ziyue, shared their passion for Engineering. It was this passion that spurred the students to create a mobile application that taps on space technology to improve the survival rate of natural disaster victims and co-ordinate rescue efforts. Their invention also won a competition, organised by the Singapore Space and Technology Association and aerospace firm Airbus, on the use of space technology for disaster relief. SP’s segment begins from 9:50.

[Channel NewsAsia, 4min]

FireShot Capture 117 - Go Big or Go Home - Channel NewsAsia_ - https___www.channelnewsasia.com_ne
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