Consideration in choosing a JC or polytechnic

18 Jan 2022

Article featured Ms Regina Lim, assistant director of the student services department at SP, who encourages students to look beyond the name of the course and job post, and consider the challenges they are interested in overcoming. She added that taking this approach can help students identify their goals and ultimately, their chosen career. RP principal, Mr. Yeo Li Pheow, suggested that students ask themselves if they like to elaborate on industry problems as part of the learning process when deciding between JC and polytechnic education. Ms Anita Kuan, deputy principal of TP, added that some diploma courses use continuous assessment mode without exams. This means that students have to work consistently throughout the three years, as opposed to preparing for one big exam, the GCE ‘A’ Level examinations. Mr. Mah Wee Beng, deputy principal and registrar of NP suggested that students follow their interests and aspirations. For example, if a student is very empathetic and interested in building a better society, he can consider courses that can have an impact on society. This includes community development, nursing, education and early childhood development and the management of the arts business.

[Berita Harian, pg. 6]