Forced to make time for studies, family and part-time work before achieving success

02 May 2020

Article featured SP’s Diploma in Visual Effects and Motion Graphics (DVEMG) Gold Medallist, Nabila Binte Mohamed Nasir. Her keen interest in the arts led her to expand her skills and knowledge in motion graphics, 3D modelling and animation. In poly, Nabila worked as a freelance designer to ease her family’s finances, as her father was the sole breadwinner. Nabila’s mother was forced to quit her job to devote her attention to the youngest child in the family who is diagnosed with mild Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Nabila shared about her internship experience at Little Red Ants Creative Studio, where she is still currently working at after extending her service. COMMS Note: This is part of our Graduation 2020 stories.

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