From skipping classes to becoming an all-rounded student today

25 Mar 2019

Article featured SP Diploma in Maritime Business student, Quek Jun Hui. The young Jun Hui once enrolled in SP’s Diploma in Marine Engineering. He was a playful student who was addicted to playing computer games. He had no regard for studies and would often skip classes several times a week. As a result, his grades suffered and he resorted to quitting school and enlisted early. In the army, he was often belittled by his camp mates due to his low education qualifications. This spurred him to change his ways and pursue further education. He was still very much interested in the maritime industry and decided to apply for SP’s Diploma in Maritime Business. As a school dropout, he knew that his chances at a second shot in SP were low. Nevertheless, he showed his determination at the interview and convinced the lecturers that he has changed for the better. Now, a final year student, Jun Hui has received various scholarships and awards for his hard work. He has never been more grateful for people who have believed in him and given him a second shot at school. Returning to SP was a life-changing factor for Jun Hui. He felt like he owed a debt to society with all the good opportunities and people that came his way. This made him join the SP Welfare and Services club. He would tutor and spend time with underprivileged children, hoping to lead them down the right path. In his second year, he became a member of the club’s main committee and organised visits to Bukit Batok Elderly Services. He would gather his members to visit the elderly every week. Jun Hui’s story which has been featured on The New Paper two years ago has also inspired some of his classmates. This encourages Jun Hui to work even harder. For his dedication and service, Jun Hui will be receiving the Model Student Award at the Excellence Awards Ceremony this Thursday. (Shin Min Daily News, p6)

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