Funds to help build a sustainable Singapore

08 Mar 2019

Minister for the Environment and Water Resources Masagos Zulkifli announced in Parliament yesterday that a sum of $45 million was set aside under the Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources' Closing the Waste Loop R&D Initiative in 2017 to fund projects that adopt circular economy approaches – where all waste materials are re-purposed, creating a closed loop of production, with as little as possible being discarded. Promising projects under the fund include SP’s development of green chemistry technology to recover precious metals in e-waste, and NTU’s method of rapidly converting food waste into high-grade bio-fertilisers. Mr Masagos noted that these R&D projects might result in more opportunities for local enterprises and, consequently, more jobs. He also cited the success of an SP team which developed a recycling process for solar panels that can potentially recover up to 90 per cent of useful materials. 
[The Straits Times, Online]
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