Generation Grit: Stint in army detention barracks strengthened his resolve to finish his studies

15 Jul 2020

Column on inspiring individuals who overcame adversities in life featured SP’s Diploma in Bioengineering student Lee Rui Xuan. In 2014, Rui Xuan dropped out of an aerospace electronics course in another poly to work full-time as his family was facing financial issues. Rui Xuan soon enlisted but would feign sick two to three times a week in order to work secretly. He was soon caught for being absent without official leave and was sentenced to six weeks in detention barracks. There, he was more determined to succeed and realised that a good education was important. After national service, Rui Xuan enrolled in SP’s bioengineering course and scored a grade point average of 3.88 in his first year to be awarded the SP Engineering Scholarship. Rui Xuan is currently in his second year and aspires to be a medical equipment service engineer or a lecturer.

[The Straits Times]

ST, Rui Xuan
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