Have booms at anchorage, more frequent drills to mitigate oil spills, other incidents: Ship captains

24 Jun 2024

International maritime safety standards require ship crews to participate in regular emergency drills, such as steering gear failure (every 1-3 months) and engine failure (monthly). Captain Sahwan Osman, a senior lecturer at SP Singapore Maritime Academy, proposed that ship crews conduct drills more regularly than regulations require. Captain Sahwan sailed for 10 years and has been teaching for 19 years. He shared his experience as a young cadet where the captain conducted emergency evacuation drills weekly instead of monthly, which helped him learn the steps better. Captain Sahwan also highlighted the narrow and busy Sinki Fairway, which ships must navigate to reach Pasir Panjang Terminal. Careful manoeuvring is required around islands like St John's and Lazarus, making proper emergency response crucial.

[The Straits Times

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