Heading back to school to learn optometry

01 Aug 2019

Article featured 27-year-old SP Diploma in Optometry student, Jerome Tan. After two attempts, Jerome finally succeeded in applying for SP’s Optometry course. He was rejected the first time as he did not hold any O-Level certification. Since young, he has been exposed to the Optometry industry as his family owns optical shops. He would help out at the shop to do cleaning and simple administration work. Over time, he grew interested in the profession and decided to apply for SP’s Optometry course again. He heard from his twin brother about the Direct Admissions Exercise(DAE), whereby students are accepted based on aptitude and interests rather than results. After being rejected the first time, the DAE felt like a second opportunity for Jerome. He managed to impress the panel and was successfully accepted into the course. Even though he is the oldest student in his course, Jerome is glad to be given this opportunity. He strives to work hard, learn the proper skills of the profession and eventually contribute to his family’s business. (Lianhe Zaobao, p11)


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