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04 Jun 2018

Newsclip featured the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between SP and the Waste Management & Recycling Association of Singapore. The partnership supports the Environmental Services Industry Transformation Map (ITM) which aims to create a vibrant, sustainable and professional industry. As demand for environmental services grows, innovative solutions will be needed to improve productivity and promote growth. The collaboration with WMRAS allows SP to support the industry through new technological innovations such as a green chemical solution to extract precious metals. SP and WMRAS will also launch a new Chemical and Workplace Safety Programme (CWSP) for chemical/waste management companies. Under the programme, related companies and professionals will undergo a two-day workshop in late 2018 to build up their chemical and workplace safety and health capabilities. Through the training, participants will learn how to reduce occupational diseases, injuries and fatalities from potential exposure to hazardous chemicals. [Channel 8]

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