Institutes of higher learning to launch four new work-study programmes in the next two years

12 Aug 2020

Article highlighted the signing of a five-year collaboration between SP and the Singapore Accreditation Council (SAC) to enhance SP’s work-study programme in applied science.

SP’s Principal and CEO, Mr Soh Wai Wah also shared that work-study programmes allow graduates to strengthen their professional knowledge in class and apply them at the workplace, which brings about benefits for both the graduates and their employers.  Article also mentioned the virtual SkillsFuture Work-Study Fair and the announcement that Institutes of Higher Learning will launch four new work-study programmes in the next two years. The first programme to be launched is the new Bachelor of Technology in Computing Work-Study Degree, which will be rolled out by the National University of Singapore, in partnership with SkillsFuture Singapore as well as Singapore-based global consumer Internet company Sea. It will be the first SkillsFuture Work-Study Degree to be delivered in a "place-and-train" mode, with participants hired as full-time junior analysts prior to the start of the programme. NYP, RP and TP will also be launching three programmes in the biomedical science and media sectors. (Shin Min Daily News, p4)

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