Learning skills from a 54-year-old minced meat noodle stall owner

20 Sep 2019

Article featured two 25-year-old SP Engineering alumni, Chen Zhixuan and Wang Junxiang. The pair met each other while carrying out activities in the SP Engineering Club and today, they are business partners for a minced meat noodle hawker stall. Zhixuan just got married this year and through the help of his wife, he managed to learn from his grandfather-in-law, who has operated a minced meat noodle stall for over 54 years. Through the experience, Zhixuan realised that this is a great entrepreneurship opportunity and decided to continue the business together with Junxiang. Zhixuan and Junxiang are currently reading the Electrical and Electronic Engineering programme in Nanyang Technological University and Zhixuan has put his studies on hold for a year to focus on the business. He will resume his final year of studies in August 2020. (Shin Min Daily News, p8)


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