Li Da Foods: Turning home-cooked chicken rendang into a quick microwaveable meal through co-innovation

20 Jun 2018

Post under Enterprise Singapore’s Inspiring Stories section featured Li Da Foods, which partnered SP’s Food Innovation and Resource Centre (FIRC) to transform chicken rendang, which typically takes four hours to cook, into a quick ready meal. Rita Zahara Mohd Nazeer, co-founder of Li Da Foods, and Evelyn Ong, manager of product innovation at FIRC, shared how Li Da Foods found its ready-to-eat rendang success. Rita shared that in order to disrupt the food and beverage sector, there is a need to work with people who are well-versed in technology, not just in the use of machines but also in food innovation. Evelyn shared about how FIRC works hand-in-hand with food manufacturers to enhance their food products. (Enterprise Singapore)
25 Jun - Li Da Foods

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