Money Mind 2018/2019 - EP10

09 Jun 2018

News clip highlighted the ways that the food industry is turning by-products into food and other useful products. Mr Martyn Wong, Manager at SP’s Food Innovation and Resource Centre (FIRC), explained how FIRC works with food manufacturing companies to reuse wasted dough for the production of noodles. FIRC has also successfully converted Okara, a by-product from manufacturing soy products, into food products such as mock meat, peanut candy, cookies and other baked products. Ms Lee Mun Wai, Senior Manager at FIRC, shared that food waste will be analysed to determine its application into food or non-edible products. Non-edible applications include a range of cutleries made from a combination of spent coffee grounds with recycled plastics. The same concept can be applied to used tea grounds and other food waste such as rice husks and different types of fibre. SP’s segment is from 16:18 – 22:51. (Channel NewsAsia)
9 Jun - Money Mind Martyn9 Jun - Money Mind Mun Wai

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