More than 3,000 high-risk premises to adopt a new environmental sanitation regime, regime to be first rolled out in eldercare, youth and social service facilities

30 Jul 2021

Article featured Yang Zuofang, assistant manager of NTUC Healthcare Cooperative Elderly Day Centre who undertook the Environmental Control Coordinator (ECC) training at SP in April and is the only who holds the ECC role at her facility. She mentioned that the lecturer at SP helped to break down the 150 pages of learning materials into smaller parts and the course served as a supplement to what she already knew. Zuofang hopes to encourage more of her colleagues to participate in the ECC training. With effect from 30 July 2021, a new environmental sanitation regime will be progressively rolled out to higher-risk premises with immuno-vulnerable occupants and premises with high footfall. This staggered roll-out provides premises owners and operators more time to prepare for the new routine and thorough periodic cleaning and disinfection workflow, and to send their staff for the required two-day Environmental Control Coordinator (ECC) training. To date, about 350 appointed ECCs have been trained for the coming regime, largely for the eldercare, youth and social service facilities.

[Lianhe Zaobao]


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