Motivated to take up bioengineering course in order to contribute to the medical industry

14 Dec 2020

Article featured SP’s Diploma in Bioengineering student Nurul Khadijah Binte Sanusi, who shared how she discovered the Polytechnic Foundation Programme (PFP) when SP visited her school. She was determined to work hard after knowing more about the PFP and eventually scored 7 points in her GCE N-Levels. Khadijah chose the Diploma in Bioengineering course so she could combine her passion in biology and engineering. She also shared how the PFP built her confidence and equipped her with the skills and knowledge to do well in the bioengineering course. For her final-year project, Khadijah and her team developed a 3D scanner to produce custom-built molds to treat patients with fracture injuries. Using a 3D scanner allows the braces to be customised and allows it to be easily removed, making the braces more comfortable as compared to traditional casts. Khadijah’s project will be showcased at the SP Engineering Show during the virtual SP Open House 2021.

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