National Design Thinking Workshop; Help in using tech to tackle social issues

06 Aug 2018

Article featured the National Design Thinking Workshop, where teachers can learn techniques to guide their students as they prepare for this year's Samsung Solve for Tomorrow challenge. For the competition, students are encouraged to use technology to create solutions to social issues in Singapore. The workshop, held on Sep 3 and 4, is organised by Samsung in partnership with Singapore Press Holdings and SP. It will be conducted by SP lecturers who have experience teaching social innovation using the design thinking method, including Ms Bina Rai, senior lecturer at SP’s School of Communication, Arts and Social Sciences. At the end of the two-day workshop, teachers will receive a toolkit – a handy guide to the design thinking process – and a certificate from SP’s PACE (Professional and Adult Continuing Education) Academy. Since 2012, SP has had a core module in social innovation that all Year 2 students take. Students from different courses work in teams to come up with ideas to address issues related to active ageing, the environment, healthcare, social integration and more. Diploma in Mechanical Engineering student Phua Shin Zert, who took the module last semester, shared about his experiences. (The Straits Times, pB10) 
6 Aug - Help in using tech to tackle social issues

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