Nearly all polytechnics keeping lectures online post-Covid 19

02 Feb 2023

Article mentioned that blended learning, which is a mix of home-based and in-school activities, has become the norm at most polytechnics. The pandemic in 2020 saw all lessons moved online out of necessity. While measures have been lifted, most polytechnics have in the last two years have chosen to keep all their lectures online to reap the benefits of such teaching methods. SP PCEO Soh Wai Wah shared how blended learning has benefited SP students and staff, as a 2021 survey reported that 80% of SP staff said that students were better engaged in class and improved in their retention of knowledge and ability to apply concepts. In addition, they could better support students based on their different learning needs. Mr Soh also shared how SP is exploring ways to help students learn better using data analytics and technology, as well as converting lecture theatres, offices and facilities into spaces for different uses.  SP School of Mathematics and Science deputy director Lee Hwee Theng, who was of the early adopters of blended learning, recalled how challenging it was to engage many students in a lecture theatre for huge modules in the past. SP Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering student Radhiah Shaik Izzuddin said blended learning has made students more conscious that they were responsible for their own learning.

[The Straits Times]


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