New $14m centre aims to improve maritime safety

21 Jun 2018

Article featured the Centre of Excellence in Maritime Safety (CEMS), which will open at SP later this year at a cost of $14 million. It was announced at the third International Safety@Sea Conference yesterday. Through the CEMS, the Singapore Maritime Institute and SP will collaborate with the industry and research community to develop technological solutions and training systems that will help reduce maritime incidents. It will be operational by the fourth quarter and focus on maritime navigation and operations on board vessels. The guest of honour at the conference, Senior Minister of State for Transport and Health Lam Pin Min, said CEMS' training programmes will make use of augmented and virtual reality, and focus on new modelling and simulation tools that enhance navigational safety, in tandem with the development of Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships. Mr Edwin Loh, senior manager of technology operations at SP, shared that CEMS will aim to develop a Next Generation Navigation Simulator (NGNS), which will perform modelling and simulations of a complex port environment, as well as new vessel designs and operational concepts. He added that SP students embarking on internships or final-year projects can be involved in the centre as well. (The Straits Times, pB6)
21 Jun - New 14m centre aims to improve maritime

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