NUS graduates overcome obstacles

15 Jul 2019

Article featured SP alumnus Noor Loic Satar, who is currently a National University of Singapore (NUS) student. Noor Loic shared how he overcame various obstacles in his life, such as when he lost his mother to cancer at age 11, and was almost suspended from school twice in secondary school. Things changed only after his discipline master gave him a wake-up call. He then put an effort into his studies and did so well that his school offered him a spot in the Express stream. Noor Loic continued to excel in SP, winning awards and scholarships to fund his studies there. In NUS, he juggled studies and part-time work as he did not want to put any financial burden on his family. His hard work eventually paid off, and he will be graduating with a Bachelor of Business Administration (Marketing) with Honours (Highest Distinction). 
[The New Paper]
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