Pursuing an active life

14 Aug 2019

Article featured 60-year-old SP Continuing Education and Training graduate, Hu Jinhua. Jinhua has been interested in the electric industry since young. He is always curious about the workings of electrical equipment like the fan and iron. After completing national service in the 1980s, he pursued a professional certificate at the City & Guilds, an academy that provides vocational education and apprenticeships. He then saw himself working for a few factories and slowly climbed his way from an apprentice to become an engineer. Jinhua is an advocate for lifelong learning and he never stops learning. In recognition of his attitude, he was even awarded the SkillsFuture Study Awards last year. Jinhua has recently completed an Advanced Engineering Diploma in SP and shares that it has allowed him to be more confident in his field. (Lianhe Zaobao, p6&7)


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