Rethinking Singapore’s diploma education approach

03 Mar 2021

At the Ministry of Education’s (MOE) Committee of Supply debate in Parliament, NMP Janet Ang who is also SP’s Chairman asked for an update on the review of applied education to ensure that Institute of Technical Education and polytechnic graduates' skills are matched to interests and jobs. Noting that jobs in the future may not even exist today, she asked how the Government would ensure a broad-based diploma education and if MOE would be open to giving students more flexibility in choosing their diplomas and a one-time change in their course. She also asked on the availability of resources to address anticipated increase in mental health and wellness issues and how MOE envisions Institute of Higher Learning (IHL) educators supporting small- and medium-size enterprises with the reskilling of their staff. She suggested seconding lecturers to SMEs in selected industries to help develop Continuing Education and Training plans for their staff.

[Channel News Asia]

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