Saving the world starts from using the right shampoo

28 Sep 2021

Article featured a line shampoo developed by SP’s Consumer Chemicals Technology Centre and Chen Duan Neng, a mother of three. Ms Chen said she was happy to be able to be a part of creating a line of shampoo that uses recyclable materials and environmentally friendly packaging as she believes every little action counts. Her inspiration came from watching documentaries around the topic of recycling. With her limited knowledge on the topic, she decided to approach SP to come up with a product that is environmentally friendly. The shampoo is in powder form and 100g allows consumers to wash their hair up to 150 times. As it is lighter than normal shampoo, it also reduces carbon emissions during transportation. Aluminium cans were used for the packaging which can be reused or recycled, compared to plastics, and consumers only need to buy refills if they need more product. (Lianhe Zaobao, p9)

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