Schools in Singapore stepping up on security after breaches on Zoom

16 Apr 2020

News clip covered that over 90,000 schools around the world, including those in Singapore, are using Zoom as a platform to conduct online classes. However, security breaches to the platform have occurred, including one that required the Ministry of Education to file a police report. Since the incidents, the Ministry has also been working with Zoom to enhance security such as setting a password for every online class by default. Schools have suspended the use of the platform earlier, but the Ministry has announced on Monday, 13 Apr 2020 that schools will progressively resume the usage of Zoom, citing there have been no further issues apart from the earlier two incidents. News clip also featured SP’s online learning platform, Smartbook. With its usage expecting to increase by 9% (from 2,100 students last year) when school resumes next week, SP’s lecturer Tan Tiong Wei opined that new students, as well as, lecturers including himself, have to adapt to using new tools and teaching methods during this home-based learning period. SP’s segment starts from 2:34. Similar story was reported on Channel 5 with SP’s segment from 25:11.

[Channel NewsAsia]

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