She helps needy students, elderly, improve memory

03 Oct 2018

Article featured how memory skills have benefitted SP’s Diploma in Engineering with Business student Chee Sin Hwee. Before she picked up memory skills, Sin Hwee was often forgetful and struggled to memorise all the notes for her studies. After becoming one of the founding members of the SP Memory Sports Club last year, she attended four training workshops to pick up various skills and techniques to improve her memory. In her last semester, Sin Hwee achieved a perfect grade point average (GPA) of 4.0 for all her modules and scored 95 marks for one of the test papers, the highest in her cohort. Previously, she could only score a maximum GPA of 3.7 for each semester. Since the SP Memory Sports Club’s formation, Sin Hwee and her fellow members have also been reaching out to the underprivileged and elderly by conducting memory skills workshops as community service. She also worked with the Singapore Memory Sports Association to organise the Asia Memory Championship 2018 last weekend, where she was part of the organising committee. The annual event is in its fourth year and saw 150 participants from across Asia taking part in various tests that aimed to stretch their memory skills.

[The New Paper, p15]

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