Singapore Poly students design promotional materials to help arts organisation raise funds

24 Jul 2020

Article featured SP Diploma in Visual Communication and Media Design students and their collaboration with various arts organisations. 20-year-old Audrey Wong and her group mates helped Playeum, a non-profit organisation dedicated in helping children from marginalised backgrounds or with disabilities to create online fund-raising events. In two weeks, the group helped Playeum raise a total of $3,000. Another group, 19-year-old Chin Yanni and her groupmates, created a promotional video for The A Capella Society. As a part-time singer, Yanni feels very strongly for singing groups and hopes that their project can encourage more Singaporeans to appreciate local singers. For the project, Yanni and her groupmates took reference from everyday sounds from birds and the traffic lights and also engaged SP’s Acapella group to appear in the video. The last group featured was 24-year-old Agnes Koh’s group. About three years ago, Agnes had to visit the hospital every few months due to intestinal problems. The experience often made her feel sad and lonely. When she discovered the arts organisation, Sing’ Theatre, she related to one of their projects where they motivate hospital patients through performances. This motivated Agnes to help Sing’Theatre. Together with her group, Agnes developed a campaign to help the organisation. The group also commented that they applied skills learnt from SP and that the project gave them exposure to the industry. (Lianhe Zaobao, p6)


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