Taking a closer look at Singapore's Maritime industry

02 Oct 2019

Article featured SP’s Diploma in Nautical Studies (DNS) student, Calista Chan, and her contributions to the development of Singapore’s Maritime industry. Ever since she heard stories about the Maritime industry from her friends in secondary school, she already had thoughts of playing a part. From then on, Calista read up on the industry and even came to SP to understand more about the relevant course. After hearing the stories and experiences by SP’s Singapore Maritime Academy lecturers, she decided that she wanted to pursue a Maritime career. Calista also shared that the biggest challenge of sailing is the long period away from home. For her internship last year, she had to spend six months away at sea and it was not easy as she had to be away from her loved ones. However, the experience she got out of the internship was more than she could ask for. She managed to visit more than ten countries and saw rare sightings of marine animals. Calista enjoyed her time on board and it further strengthened her passion for the industry. Article also mentioned the realistic simulators that DNS students train on to prepare them for a seafaring career. (ZB Comma)




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