Talking Point 2018 – EP6

24 May 2018

Video clip highlighted the perceptions people have of plastic bottled water that has been exposed to heat. Most people find it unsafe to consume bottled water if it has been left in the car for more than two hours, as the car can reach a temperature of 60 degrees. They feel that this can cause leaching, which is the transfer of toxic chemicals from plastic bottles to the beverage it contains. However, test results show that the water quality managed to pass safety standards for consumption even under 60-degree heat. Dr Ng Ting Ting, Senior Lecturer at SP’s School of Chemical and Life Sciences, explained that plastic melts at 150-300 degrees. Therefore, the occurrence of leaching when one leaves bottled water in a hot car is not as severe. However, she shared that residue from our mouths can introduce bacteria to our bottles, which will grow rapidly in a warm environment. It is thus not advisable to consume water from a used bottle that has been left under heat. SP’s segment is from 19:26 – 21:33. (Channel 5, 24 May 2018)
31 May Ng Ting Ting

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