The change in an autistic child

05 Jul 2018

Article featured SP Diploma in Biotechnology (DBT) graduate, Ng Li Jie, and his educational journey in SP. Li Jie was diagnosed with mild autism at the age of three and has been studying in Pathlight School for ten years before he enrolled in SP. He managed to enter SP’s DBT with a good O-Level score of 11 points, but the foreign environment of SP compared to Pathlight School created a lot of inner struggles for Li Jie. He cited being extra wary of students around him during the freshmen orientation programme. Li Jie was very defensive in his first year and did not take any initiatives to make new friends. His classmates would refuse to do group work with him because of his behaviour too. Fortunately, there were classmates who were accepting and supportive of his condition and gradually became friends with Li Jie. He decided that it was time he opened up and change his behaviour. Li Jie is about to serve National Service and is confident that he now has the ability to adapt in the new environment. (Lianhe Zaobao, p13)

the change in an autism child

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