Training of workers changes along with tech revolution

18 Oct 2018

Article featured the Industry 4.0 initiatives in the manufacturing sector, including tie-ups between training providers and employers for workplace learning. These initiatives were highlighted at the Industrial Transformation Asia-Pacific trade show. Local engineering firm Univac Precision Engineering teamed up with SP to develop a customised set of training plans for the company to upskill its workers and supervisors. The training plans focus on workplace learning through online modules. Univac's employees have been offered 10 modules to prepare them for Industry 4.0. They will need to spend just 15 minutes each week, for three weeks, to complete a module. Univac's supervisors will also be trained in coaching and workplace learning. SP's senior director in the engineering cluster, Mr Loh Yew Chiong, said such a plan is ideal for manufacturers, which would otherwise have to grapple with disruptive downtime each time they send workers back to school. Another tie-up between TP and China's Harbin Institute of Technology Robot Group will see the setup of a new robotic training lab within the polytechnic's campus. The lab can be used by small and medium-sized companies to test-bed robotic solutions. Similar story was reported in The Business Times. (The Straits Times Online)
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