Two years of perfect GPA but he can’t qualify for university

24 May 2018

Article featured SP’s Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (DME) graduate Fong Shao Cong. In 2008, Shao Cong enrolled in the Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering (DARE) course. Over eight years, he struggled to complete his course as he was not interested in studies and would play truant, miss exams or fail his modules. As a result Shao Cong was also expelled thrice. In 2016, SP gave him a third chance by re-admitting him and allowing him to transfer to Year 2 of the DME course where he scored perfect GPAs for both years. However, his first year results pulled down his cumulative GPA and he could not qualify for university. An SP spokesperson shared that according to the polytechnic’s policy, Shao Cong had to start in Year 2 of the DME course as he has successfully passed all modules during his first year in the DARE course. As both DARE and the DME course shared common Year 1 modules, Shao Cong’s grades from his first year in the DARE course had to be reflected in his cumulative GPA. The SP spokesperson also clarified that a student’s GPA will only be reset if he transfers to a course with no common year 1 modules or if the course had undergone a major curriculum revision before the student is re-admitted. Recognising a change in Shao Cong’s character and attitude, SP nominated him as the valedictorian for his graduation session and wrote him a glowing testimonial for his university applications. Shao Cong hopes to use his example to encourage youths at risk to turn their lives around. He aspires to be a teacher or prison officer to prevent youths from going down his path. Similar story was reported in Lianhe Wanbao.
[Lianhe Zaobao, p6]